Find out more about the people behind Facebook Password Hacker, read on!

Facebook Password Hacker, the premier Facebook hacking tool according to our users has taken over 2 years of intensive work by our team to develop and release for public use. It has been our goal since our inception to create and offer a Facebook hacking application capable of assisting even the most novice of computer users with no coding skills whatsoever the power to hack and recover any Facebook account password of their choice at the click of a button.

Facebook Password Hacker is the culmination of all our efforts!

We believe we have achieved our goal with the release of Facebook Password Hacker. Our hacking tool is capable of hacking ANY Facebook password of it’s user’s choice wthin a couple of minutes on average, making our tool the fastest Facebook hacking tool or method. With Facebook Password Hacker anyone who has lost access to his or her Facebook account can now recover access and for people who are in need to hack into 3rd party accounts, such as when parents want to keep an eye on what their children are doing online, Facebook Password Hacker has been godsend.


The Team Behind Facebook Password Hacker


Bruce C. Stoddard
Founder & Developer

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Data encryption, decryption and recovery has been my field of interest for the last 15 years. I have been employed at various senior IT positions at firms all over Europe. I got the idea about Facebook Password Hacker after losing access to my own Facebook account, all the Facebook password recovery methods and techniques available at the time were nearly uses or required a fairly advanced level of computer and coding skills, which I have but I immediately saw the need for a simple more straightforward way to recover one’s Facebook password, something accessible by even the most novice of computer users. That is how the idea of Facebook Password Hacker was born!

Richard T. Millet

Lead Developer

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At a very early age I got interested in cryptography and it’s practical real world applications. This interest turned into a career with various information technology positions at Fortune 500 companies. My own interest in Facebook password hacking was kindled when I realised my then girlfriend was cheating on me with a guy she had met through Facebook. Something inside me kept telling me I was not the only person facing such a situation, especially with the rise of Facebook as the leading social network on the Internet, there had to be many thousands of people who had been cheated upon through Facebook and all of these people needed a way to find out what was going on behind their backs, namely a way to hack into Facebook accounts. In retrospect, I shouldn’t even have given it a second thought, thousands of people on a daily basis download our Facebook password hacking tool in order to find out if their significant other half is faithful! I combined my extensive knowledge in the field of cryptography with the rest of the team and we have created and successful release Facebook Password Hacker, helping thousands of people along the way!

Otis D. Metcalf

Head of Marketing & Technical Support

How to Hack Facebook Account Passwords

I am the person you will most likely come in touch with if you happen to face any issues while using Facebook Password Hacker to hack Facebook Passwords. My part in the team behind Facebook Password Hacker is to make our Facebook hacking tool as widely known as possible, I am probably the reason you found out about Facebook Password Hacker in the first place, you reading this at this moment and I am also the person responsible to make each and every single user of Facebook Password Hacker satisfied by his or her experience hacking Facebook accounts with our software by providing prompt and on-time technical support. If you feel like getting in touch with me, simply use the contact page! As you can see, we are a team dedicated to offering our users state of the art Facebook hacking tools for many years to come! Get started right away and hack Facebook passwords within the next few minutes by simply clicking on the download button!

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