We have created this page to assist our users who are looking for more information on subjects we have touched through our blogs posts about Facebook hacking. The right approach towards the information and links contained in this page would be similar to that of a bibliography at the end of a book.



While reading through our posts on Facebook hacking and comparisons among various Facebook tools, methods and techniques, you may encountered certain terms like keyloggers and phishing pages which may not have been explained adequately. Our purpose here is to provide you with more information on these in order to enable to you to make a better decision as to the Facebook password hack you are going to use that suits your needs the best.


1) Keyloggers

Keyllogers are nifty little programs designed to record each and every keystroke made on the computer on which they are installed on. They can obviously be used for Facebook password hacking even though they have many drawbacks which we have covered through various posts about hacking Facebook accounts. Read more about keyloggers here.

2) Phishing Pages

Phishing pages are imitation pages designed to look like Facebook’s own login page that will proceed to record and store your target’s Facebook username and password. More about Facebook phishing pages can be read here.

3) Hacking Tool

Hacking tool refers to software designed to assist a user in accomplishing a task through hacking. An example would be our own Facebook hacking tool, Facebook Password Hacker. Find out more about hacking tool here.
Facebook Stories & News Reports

When listing the various uses of our software, such as lost Facebook password recovery or hacking Facebook to find out if your spouse is cheating, due to space limitations we do not make reference to the thousands of accounts and testimonies of people available throughout the Internet detailing how they got cheated upon through Facebook among the many more sinister uses of Facebook. Bellow you can find a small list of stories we compiled which motivates us to keep going and continue developing and supporting Facebook Password Hacker to assist people from all over the world to put an end to Facebook misuse.
Wife Caught Cheating Using Facebook

Thanks to the anonymity and privacy offered by online communications, many lovers choose Facebook as their preferred means of communication. One such love affair could even involve your own wife as many users of Facebook Password Hacker have found out by hacking into their wive’s Facebook accounts. You can read a story about a wife cheating through Facebook here.


Husband Has An Affair Through Facebook

If you suspect your husband of having an affair, chances are high that he is communicating with his mistress through Facebook thanks to the privacy it offers to lovers. You will not be first wife to find out she has been cheated on through Facebook, simply read our testimonials page to see how many other women have found out about their husband’s afair using Facebook Password Hacker. One heartbreaking story of a husband’s afair through Facebook can be read here.


Facebook Flirting

All extramarital affairs start somewhere and that somewhere is usually through innocent flirting. Facebook is increasingly turning into a venue where married men and women may flirt. Find out the truth about your spouse’s online activities by downloading our Facebook hacking software and hacking into their Facebook accounts! Read a story about a wife flirting through Facebook here.


Pedophiles Lurking on Facebook

Parents worried about what their kids are doing online are justifiably worried considering the number of pedophiles lurking on the Internet in search of their next victim. Pedophiles are increasingly turning to Facebook to locate their next victims, could your kid be next? Find out what your kid is doing on Facebook by hacking into his or her Facebook using our Facebook password hack to crack their Facebook profile password. Read about pedophiles lurking on Facebook here.


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